"Em círculo, somos todos iguais. Quando estamos em círculo, ninguém está à sua frente, nem atrás, nem acima e nem abaixo.
Um Círculo Sagrado é feito para criar Unidade. O Elo da Vida também é um círculo. Nesse elo há espaço para cada espécie, cada raça, cada árvore e cada planta."
Dave Chief, Oglala Lakota

quarta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2014


Não nos chega a Fé, é, também, necessário o Amor;
Não no chega o  Amor, é, também, necessária a Ação;
Se Acreditar /Tiver Fé / Sentir Amor, não se esqueça de Agir......!!!

"Believe and act"
A traveler walking along the banks of a large lake of crystalline waters and imagined a way to get to the other side, where it was his destiny. He sighed deeply while trying to fix our gaze on the horizon. The voice of a white-haired man broke the momentary silence, offering to carry it. He was a boatman.
The small boat aged, where the crossing would be held, was equipped with two oars of oak. The traveler looked closely and saw what appeared to be letters in each oar. By placing the dusty feet inside the boat, it was noted that two words. In one of the paddles were carved the word "believe" and other "act".
Unable to contain his curiosity, asked why those original names given to the oars. The boatman took the paddle, on which was written to believe, and paddled with all his strength. The boat then began to circle without leaving the place where it was. Then he took the oar that act was written and paddled with all force. Again, the boat turned in the opposite direction, without going further.
Finally, the old boatman, holding the two paddles, moved them at the same time and the boat, driven by both sides, sailed through the waters of the lake, coming quietly to the other side. Then the boatman said the traveler:
- This boat can be called self-confidence. And the margin is the goal we want to achieve. For the ship of self-navigate and secure reach the intended goal, it is necessary that we use the two paddles at the same time and with the same intensity to act and believe.

And you? Are paddling steadily to reach the goal it set itself?
And before moving the boat, make sure the paddles are not corroded by the acid of selfishness.
After taking all these precautions, go ahead and have a good trip.

UBUNTU - “Eu sou porque nós somos”

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